The Torre de l’Encenall is the name of the woodcut engraving school that was founded and run by master Antoni Gelabert i Casas in Torredembarra in the spring of 1969. One and a half years earlier, the Xiloforum had been started in the neighbouring town of Altafulla, also under the guidance of the expert xylographer and instructor. Its years of splendour were the beginning of the 1970s, although some of its members continued to create woodcuttings after that.

The name is the sum of two words: "Tower" abbreviation with which is colloquially known Torredembarra and "Chip", the wood remains when it works the matrix with the burin.

The Torre de l’Encenall, made up of young enthusiasts interested in the world of art and culture, produced several wood engravings with an extraordinary quality. The students, whose master affectionately called ‘rural engravers’, created a genuine universe that collected and combined mythological and tale-recounting imagery, creating scenes of seafarers’ and farmers’ lives, reflecting their surroundings. The most genuine Mediterranean sensibility flows from their engravings. Creators of nativity scenes (nadales), poems in honour of the virgin (goigs) and seasonal woodcuts, through the ex libris they found the greatest recognition and the key that opened the door to them having exhibitions and competitions.

The stable core of engravers was comprised of: Josep Gual Gallofré, Montserrat Riambau Ivern, Montserrat Agràs Recasens, Antonieta Ametllé Martí, Griselda Recasens Arall, Anna Ma Garcia Cantero, Carles Mir Hernández and Josep Ma Vernet Garcia. By way of anecdote, the children’s engravers group merits mention, which came about due to master A. Gelabert’s friendship with the Gual family, as he taught this art to their children, nieces and nephews and friends.